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My name is Will and in the last 4 months I’ve sold more than $16 million worth of products online. In the last 8 years I’ve sold nearly $1 billion.

I'm a full time intrapreneur. I don't freelance, offer coaching, or pull any of the other B.S. you see online.

This is just where I come to geek out about marketing and direct response.

Every few weeks I post a new video breaking down a sales page, answering questions, or talking about how you really create 8-figure marketing campaigns.

If that sounds like fun to you hit the button below to see what other people are saying about Copy Road.

See what people are saying about Copy Road

Copy Road is like Dear Abby for business... Except that listening to Abby won't make you $2 million.

-Jay Cross
Founder @ DIY Degree

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After working with Will, I make what I used to make in a year every 3 months.

-Robert Allen
Founder @ Click Here Agency

Hey Will, I just wanted to tell you I followed your advice and got in the New York Times.

-Teresa Bruce
Author & Former VP @ Ogilvy & Mather

I never launch anything without talking to Will. He’s a bottomless well of experience and insight.

-Devon Anderson
Chief Marketing Officer @ Farnam Street

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