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Ballpoint pens don't work in space.

And, if you're willing to keep reading for 30 seconds, that fact will change your business forever.

Regular pens need the earth’s gravity to pull the ink onto the paper.

You can't use pencils in space either.

Writing with a pencil creates graphite dust.

Which is a fantastic conductor of electricity.

Plus it's flammable.

And in zero gravity those bits of graphite dust float around until they get stuck somewhere.

If that somewhere is a circuit board you get an electrical fire.

If you get an electrical fire on a space ship, everybody dies.

In 1966 the Fisher Pen Company solved the pen problem.

But, adjusted for inflation, the research to create a pen that worked in orbit cost $9,285,185.19.

And, today, you can buy one for $12.69.

That's why CopyRoad exists - to give you $13 solutions to $9,000,000 problems

Your business is a rocket ship. Building it was hard.

But nobody warned you how different everything is once you're in space.

We get it.

We've been there.

CopyRoad is the peer group you've been looking for.

We're an invite only group of entrepreneurs and founders who act as your private brain trust.

And, even more important, as a curated circle of confidants and friends.

We meet once a week. Wednesday's 9:30-11:00am Eastern Time (UTC -4) on Zoom.

Not everyone comes to every call. But everyone commits to at least 1 call a month.

And the calls are open forum.

We take what's working... What's not... And we bring it to the table.

Everyone's transparent. Everyone's under NDA. And everyone is subject to our strict no sales pitch rule.

So the advice is honest, unfiltered, and without ulterior motive.

Connect. Collaborate. Conquer.

Want to reclaim your calendar? We can show you how to clear at least 9 hours of bullshit meeting off your plate every week.

Need to build an offshore development team? We have members with integrated teams on 3 continents who can walk you through it.

Want to figure out Tik ToK? We have members doing $30 million a year from 10 second videos.

Need to scale from 30 to 100 employees? Members have done it.

Thinking about selling your business? We have members with 9 figure exits.

Whatever you need - we're here to help.

All we ask is that you bring your A game. Give as much value as you get.

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